In my dissertation, I investigate ellipsis operations that seem to be parasitic on other elliptic structures, specifically Determiner Sharing constructions, which are dependent on Gapping, and the syntax–PF interface.

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Publications and manuscripts

To appear. Marquardt, Christine & Marie-Luise Schwarzer & Sören E. Tebay. The perfect in Mee: New evidence for a result state approach. Proceedings of TripleA5. PDF.


To appear. Martinović, Martina & Marie-Luise Schwarzer. Locatives and bi-clausal progressives in Wolof. Proceedings of NELS48. PDF.


2018. Schwarzer, Marie-Luise. Tough-displacement without movement. Draft.




marie-luise.schwarzer [at] uni-leipzig [dot] de


Institut für Linguistik

Universität Leipzig

Beethovenstrasse 15

04109 Leipzig


Research interests:

ellipsis constructions and their interaction; structure removal and exfoliation; types of passives; syntax of the noun phrase; syntax and semantics of tense and aspect; DOM

Talks and handouts

2019. Parasitic Gapping – Determiner sharing is Gapping + LEE. Sluicing+@50, University of Chicago, USA.


2019. Determiner sharing is gapping + LEE. IGG45, University of Padua, Italy.


2018. A Fringe Case of Perfect from Mee. TripleA5, University of Konstanz. With Christine Marquardt and Sören E. Tebay.


2018. Tough-displacement without movement. ConSOLE26, University College London.


2017. Locatives and bi-clausal progressives in Wolof. NELS48, University of Iceland. With Martina Martinović.


Since 2018

2016 – 2018


April – May 2017

Urban fieldwork with Wolof and Sorbian speakers.

Urban fieldwork with two speakers of Mee (Trans-New-Guinea), with Christine Marquardt and Sören E. Tebay.

Fieldwork in St. Louis, Senegal on Wolof (Niger-Kongo), with Martina Martinović.

Since 2018


2016 - 2018





April - May 2017